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  • ●Hotel Fuji Concert Information
  • At the cafe & bar "Helios" we are holding concerts which have received popularity mainly by women's groups and couples.
    Please relax at the moment of the weekend night and enjoy with a concert.

    Concerts that the professional musicians such as chanson, canzone, jazz, Japanese song etc. will hear once in principle We are holding on Saturday.
  • The professional musicians currently decided to appear are as follows.      

    ! January 1, Yuan sentence, Flower tree, Sachiko, Takagi, Ryuta, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Oka, Yumiko, Sakagami, Area
    ! January 2, Yuan sentence, Liu, Geme, Boss, Pleasure, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Watanbe, Rigid, Kawasaki, Masumi
    ! January 3, Sano, Fuminohi, Sanno, Yayoi, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Takahashi, Tatsumi, Makihara, Shinta
    ! January 18, Buntarou, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Watanbe, Rigid, Tsubone, Ryusuke
    ! January 25, Flower tree, Sachiko, Sanno, Yayoi, Great, Yuichiro, Kawasaki, Masumi, Nakabayashi, Growth

    ! February 8, Flower tree, Sachiko, Sanno, Yayoi, Boss, Pleasure, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Watanbe, Rigid, Sakagami, Area

    Special, Live
    ! February 15 Kojiro Oka,Sano Fuminohi,Takagi Ryuta,Kobayashi Takegaro(Piano),Tsubone Ryusuke(Percussion),Nakabayashi Growth(Cello),Tetsushi Kishi(Bass)
    ※Special and Live are charged. Please contact us for details.

    ! February 22, Yuan sentence, Liu, Geme, Kobayashi, Takegaro, Watanbe, Rigid

    ※Guests are entrance free in principle
    It will be updated as soon as the performer's schedule is decided.The next update is scheduled for February.
  • Hotel Fuji original bus tour! , Visiting Mt Fuji

    If it is said that it is a world heritage of Yamanashi Prefecture "Mount Fuji"!
    Hotel Fuji, we offer original bus tours as part of our service to our guests. It is good to relax in a hot spring, and to enjoy various sightseeing is also one of the pleasures of the trip. It takes about 90 minutes, but we will guide you to the point where you can see Mt. Fuji.

    Departure from the Hotel 16:00, watching Mt. Fuji at Misaka Pass, arriving at the Hotel 17:30
    Period: May 14 to July 11, 2019, Monday to Thursday only

    ※It is canceled on the day when it is rainy or cloudy and you can not see Mt. Fuji. Reception is closed as soon as the bus capacity is reached.
  • ●Welcome service(15:00 to 17:00)
  • ●Invitation to Kofu Basin Night View Tour

    We will also guide you to the Fuefukigawa Fruits Park, which was selected as one of the New Best Three Night Views in Japan of New Best Three Night Views in Japan.
    It is a tour of about 1 hour starting at 20:00 and gathering at 19:50.
    Reservations will be closed as soon as the bus capacity is reached, so please make a reservation in advance.
    Guests can use it free of charge.

    ※Night view tours may not be available depending on the situation. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
    Please contact us for details.
  • ●Annual event information