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Various buffet menus line up

Taste is also one of memories of an important trip.

Enjoy beautiful scenery and relax relaxingly at the hot springs
Please eat delicious dishes that made use of various mountain seafood every season.
  • Hotel Fuji Original Buffet!  Popular Japanese, Western and Chinese luxury creative buffet

    Hotel is a very popular plan Fuji

    A creative buffet with a passion for the chief chef who can enjoy the taste of the season
    You can enjoy the colorful and beautiful arrangement with your eyes.

    Please enjoy a variety of Japanese, Western, Chinese and sweet dishes to your heart's content.

    All-you-can-eat sushi and tempura at the demonstration corner!
    Delivering hot fresh steak from the live kitchen 
    Of course, you can eat all-you-can-eat sweets with a rich menu.
    We have a variety of menus for people of all ages, regardless of age or gender. 

    meal time:
    Depending on the situation on the day, it may be a two-part system from 17:30 to 19:00 and 19:30 to 21:00.
  • Seasonal set meal "Koshu Shunsai Kaiseki" Cooking image

    【Koshu Shunsai Kaiseki cuisine】
    Misu cooking making the most of the ingredients' taste is a seasonal meal.
    Season Please enjoy the taste of various seasons.
    We will guide you to the restaurant.
  • Koshu beef【Koshu beef special kaiseki cuisine plan】

    If you come to Kai, you will want to taste the Yamanashi brand Koshu beef.

    Koshu beef with soft and slightly sweet meat grown in the nature of Yamanashi,
    You can enjoy it with 4 kinds of cooking methods: steak, sukiyaki, steamed shabu-shabu, and sashimi.

    ■plan benefits
    Yukata to choose from(Limited to Ladies)
  • 【Selectable breakfast basket】Breakfast at your favorite place

    We will prepare a "morning basket" for breakfast.
    Please enjoy at your favorite place such as room, poolside, coffee shop.
    (Excluding the buffet venue)

    This plan will be "Japanese, Western and Chinese luxury creative buffet" for dinner.
  • Banquet Hall【Meal image】

    The heart and tongue are rejoicing to the chef 's passion'
    We can have a pleasant moment.

    ※In case of using the banquet hall, please contact us.
※Price will be displayed by tax
※Bespoke cuisine will be ordered until 4 pm
※Lunch is closed
※It may take a while to prepare
※There are menus that can not be prepared depending on the purchase situation
※Especially during the year-end and New Year holidays, purchasing will be closed, so please make early arrangements.