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Taste is also one of memories of an important trip.

Enjoy beautiful scenery and relax relaxingly at the hot springs
Please eat delicious dishes that made use of various mountain seafood every season.
  • Seasonal meals menu【Meal image】

    You can also enjoy it in the restaurant.
    Misu cooking making the most of the ingredients' taste is a seasonal meal.
    You can relax and have a meal in the luxurious atmosphere.
  • Banquet Hall【Meal image】

    The heart and tongue are rejoicing to the chef 's passion'
    We can have a pleasant moment.

    ※In case of using the banquet hall, please contact us.
  • Fuji Spring Flower Food Festival ※Currently suspended

    We offer a colorful spring buffet that looks like the season of sprouting
    Period:From March 18 to June 8 

    Many chefs and chef's creative dishes are also available.
    In addition to demonstrations such as steaks and sushi, we also served a variety of dishes ranging from homemade Japanese foods to authentic Chinese, regional dishes of Yamanashi and women's seasonal desserts.

    ※As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, buffet style meals are currently banned.We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
※Price will be displayed by tax
※Bespoke cuisine will be ordered until 4 pm
※Lunch will be ordered until 9 AM
※It may take a while to prepare
※There are menus that can not be prepared depending on the purchase situation